Friday, February 10, 2012

Music Track of the Week #2

The Black Keys "Run Right Back"

Nic was supposed to select the track of the week this time around, but seeing as he never got around to it I guess that leaves me to pick something yet again. I suppose I can't complain much. I love sharing music with others. This week's selection has been playing on repeat on my ipod all week. It blends 60's psychedelic rock with the Black Keys already unique blues rock. It's definitely worth a listen.


Jon-Erik said...

You know I'm all about those Keys. But I think this album represents a slight departure from their blues roots into more radio-friendly territory. I hope they never lose the gritty Akron soul.

Matt Chadwick said...

I feel honored that you have stopped by to visit our blog let alone leave a comment. I seriously didn't think anyone ever bothered to read anything that was written on these walls.

I can see where you are coming from, because the album is very different from the rest. I for one commend them for trying something new. It takes an awful lot of guts for an artist to do that, especially when they can continue to go with the same old sound that got them to where they were in the first place; knowing that their record would sell and not disappoint. After listening to El Camino a few times, I've decided it is awfully close to replacing Rubber Factory as my new favorite Keys record.

But that might be a result of all those catchy hooks you were implying. I may have to reassess the situation here now and decide whether I'm ready to make such a rash decision thanks to you.

And thank you for the comment. I wish more people would leave some behind.